Summer Savings

Its mid way through the summer holidays.  The weather is good then bad then worse then good again…pretty typical.

Here at the Purchasing Group HQ it’s been a busy few weeks and the savings keep rolling in for our clients.

Here’s a snapshot:

Multiple Spend Areas: A large Property Maintenance company has used the Purchasing Group to reduce costs on Landline and mobile telecoms, stationery, print and work-wear; saving over £85k per annum across those areas.

Fuel: A London and Kent based client has using the Purchasing Group to reduce their fuel costs for their fleet of vans and cars by £15k per annum.

Telecoms: A small charity in North London moved their telecoms and migrated their broadband services to save £3.5k per annum.

Insurance: A private school in depths of Surrey has saved £7k on their Insurance.

Energy: A South London client with 4 sites saved £9K per annum on their electricity and gas contracts.

What they all have in common is they all got to keep every penny they save by using our innovative and award winning service.

How much will the Purchasing Group help you save?

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