Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Here is some more information based on questions we have been asked:

Q: Why will Avenue be able to get a better deal that I can?
A: The adage is that the more you spend the more you save – and its true.  By combining the total spend of our Avenue purchasing group members we can achieve a larger level of saving than each member would achieve individually.  In addition, we will use our years of procurement experience to extract maximum value for our clients.

Q: Do I have to join in reviews?
A: No – all our suppliers are in place, which means you can pick areas you want to review and we simply benchmark your service and spend against the level of service and spend we can achieve for you.

Q: Do I have to provide lots of information?
A: When you join the Avenue Purchasing Group we will need some initial information about your company. When you review a spend area we will need information from you that is relevant to that spend area so we can do our work.  At all times our information requests will be kept to a minimum.

Q: What if I am already in a contract?
A: Where we can and where it is appropriate, we will ensure that any offer is held open for a 6 mth or 12 mth period.  This will allow those who are in a contract to swap over at their next renewal point.

Q: When a review is completed and I have the results, do I have to sign up to the offer?
A: Once our review of complete you will be presented with all the facts.  You can then decide if you would like to proceed with the new arrangement.  You can choose to proceed or opt out.  You don’t have to sign up.

Q: Will Suppliers know I am a member of the Avenue Purchasing Group?
A: All your details are kept completely confidential and you are only introduced to the supplier if you wish to proceed with that deal.  Other than that we keep your details confidential.