Business Costs: Shall we leave that until later?

If you run a businesses then you are busy all the time, running everything from Sales & Marketing, to Staffing and Service Delivery. Then there are Costs.

Did You Know: Every 8.33% you save is equivalent to one month of spend?

Some costs are unavoidable: staffing, rent and rates, VAT to name a few… but there are lots of other costs that you can do something about.

But it’s Boring

I know its boring, but if you can reduce the amount you pay for the goods, services and equipment you need to operate your business then you will have that extra cash to do other things with.

But I have a good excuse

Of course you do. “I did all that last year” or “My supplier is really nice” or “they’ve been working with us for years” or “our costs are already as low as they can be” or….., well you get the point, which is that people will find reasons to avoid the tasks they don’t want to do and cost is often the last thing looked at.

Yes, it is yet another job that needs doing and yes, concentrating on sales and marketing is far more satisfying. We know that looking at Cost is viewed a bit like the unwanted relative that no one wants to talk about, but taking action on Costs can make a significant difference to your business.

Cost reduction is good news!

If you control your business costs then that’s additional valuable cash that can be used as investment in business growth, taken as extra profit, used for R&D and many other things, rather than being paid to suppliers. It is true that every time you reduce a cost by 8.33% it’s the same as saving an entire months cost. Imagine having a month of no cost…

Don’t leave it until later. Take action on your costs today!

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