Avenue Purchasing Group


Avenue Purchasing Group

We believe every company should have the chance to reduce its costs and keep every penny saved. The Avenue Purchasing Group harnesses the purchasing power of its members to deliver exceptional savings and service across a wide range of business spend areas; covering goods, services and equipment.

The Avenue Purchasing Group is a free to use service. There’s No Contract, No Fees and No Obligations. A highly innovative service that will help to save your business money.

Why It Saves You Money
We work with carefully selected suppliers who we consider to be outstanding.  We believe these suppliers will offer our clients great price, service and ongoing support.

Where it Saves Money
The Avenue Purchasing Group covers a broad range of spend areas; for example, Back office expense such as Stationery, Printed Material and Archiving; Technology spend such as Telecoms and Mobile Phones; Employee benefits such as Pensions or Private Medical insurance; and Property costs like Insurance, Energy, Cleaning, or Maintenance.  If you want us to review a specific area, just ask.

How Much Does it Cost
There is absolutely no charge to you for this service. With Avenue UK negotiating solutions for a wide range of members, it is far simpler for us to levy a small charge on the supplier than to charge multiple clients – so as a client of the Purchasing Group you pay nothing. The price and offer you see from our supplier, is what you pay.  That’s all.

Benefiting Charities
Avenue UK work with a number of charities to assist them in getting better value out of every pound they spend which helps them them to divert more money to front line charitable activity. Having a combination of charities and companies in the Purchasing Group means that business and industry are lending their spending power not only to get themselves a better deal, but to drive costs down for charities. A win win for all concerned.

What do you need to do now?
Contact us for more information on how you can benefit from using the Purchasing Group.