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Business Costs: Shall we leave that until later?

If you run a businesses then you are busy all the time, running everything from Sales & Marketing, to Staffing and Service Delivery. Then there are Costs. Did You Know: Every 8.33% you save is equivalent to one month of spend? Some costs are unavoidable: staffing, rent and rates, VAT to name a few… but there are lots of other costs that you can do something about. But it’s Boring I know its boring, but if you can reduce the amount you pay for the goods, Continue reading →

Summer Savings

Its mid way through the summer holidays.  The weather is good then bad then worse then good again…pretty typical. Here at the Purchasing Group HQ it’s been a busy few weeks and the savings keep rolling in for our clients. Here’s a snapshot: Multiple Spend Areas: A large Property Maintenance company has used the Purchasing Group to reduce costs on Landline and mobile telecoms, stationery, print and work-wear; saving over £85k per annum across those areas. Fuel: A London and Kent based client has using the Purchasing Continue reading →

Websites, Superheroes and Awards

So this week we launched a revamped Avenue UK website, received notice that we have been selected as finalists in the Bromley Business Awards (once again for innovation in procurement) and one of the UK’s leading banks has introduced the Purchasing Group service to one of their fast growing business banking clients. All in all an eventful week….! Continue reading →