A first time for everything

This weekend saw my eldest son score his first ever goal for his football team.  Needless to say that after 5 years of waiting he was very very happy – and so was I.  It’s not often you see the ref jumping up and down (yes, I was the ref).  To be fair on Mikey, he is a defender and so opportunities to score  don’t often come his way.

Other than being an excited dad at football the last couple of weeks have been very busy.  Here’s an overview…

I was lucky to be invited to present at a CFDG conference to a group of Charity Finance Directors  at the office of Grant Thornton in Leeds.  The Conference was well attended and I thought all the presentations were insightful.  The whole concept of the conference was around  Collaboration and Shared Procurement and speakers covered VAT and Tax issues as well as the operational implications around collaboration.  My presentation looked at the merits of various types of collaboration from Joint Ventures up to Purchasing Groups.  In the preparation for this conference it was interesting for me to look at how the Avenue Purchasing Group approach fit in with these other options – which of course it does as a best practice model.

I also held a number of meetings with Suppliers over the past fortnight for supply areas that will soon appear on the site as Supplier Solutions.  Keep an eye on the site to see these come onboard.

The Landline Telecoms deal is working very well with a number of clients now having switched contracts onto this deal saving anything from 40% to 60% on calls and up to 20% on line rental.  I now love analysing Telecoms contracts as the result is always exceptional – and its great to feed the good news back to clients.

I did title this piece “a first time for everything’ and that wasn’t just to recognise my son’s first goal.  I find that companies are sometime reticent to meet because of the number of times they are badgered by other companies who, in the words of a friend of mine…. promise the world and end up giving you an atlas…..  or worse !

The whole idea around the services I have created is to provide top level consultancy solutions in a way that is affordable.  Creating services like Purchasing Support and the Avenue Purchasing Group was done to provide the means by which all companies can have access to the best solutions, service and price that it is possible to get for them.  These services are innovative and I would like to think the first to operate in the way they do.  They are client and service focused, but yes, we will help you to reduce your costs.

A number of existing clients are now referring us onto others they know, which is best possible reference one can ask for.  Thank you those who have done so.

So, thats enough for a quick update (!) but for those of you out there wondering what Avenue UK could do for you, feel free to give me a call and I will show you what can be achieved by working in partnership with Avenue UK.